Focus Your Work Day

Is what you are doing taking you where you want to be?

imageIf you answered, “No”, then you need to read and implement this simple yet effective system.

Having a plan to focus your work day is an integral part of your success.  Knowing what you have to do each day will set you on a fast track and open more time in your day for other tasks, family time, etc.

It will also help you set standards for your business, develop the discipline you need to run a successful business, and eliminate procrastination & unnecessary busywork.

The Six Most Important Things To Do List

Grab a notebook and a pen and let’s get started!  Any notebook will do, but a $0.99 spiral-bound will be easy, cheap and have plenty of room for notes.  Make a mental note that one notebook equals one month and one page equals one day.

On the front of your notebook, write the month and your goal for that month.  Inside, on the first page, write the day and date.  Below that write the numbers 1-6 skipping a line between each number. Now you have your notebook all set up and ready to plan!

Only you will know what is important to your business, but here are some good guidelines to follow to make that determination.

  • 6 Things: Not 7, 9 or 60.
  • Nothing Urgent: These things should be able to be worked at any time in your workday.
  • Do-able: Tasks that can easily be completed in your workday.  Put those long-term projects on another list.
  • Creates Action: Steer clear of busy-work, chatting, reading books, and anything else that will not create some type of action.  Save those for down-time.  Action is something that will create income now or in the future such as:
    • Making customer re-order calls
    • Calling potential team members
    • Calling and booking parties, shows or appointments
    • Mailing Thank You cards or catalog party packets
  • Rip the Band-Aid Off: Put your most daunting task first so that when you get to number 6 it is a breeze.  If your biggest procrastination action is making re-order calls, put it at the top.
  • Start at Number One: And only move on when you have completed your task.

Create Tomorrow’s List at the End of Your Work Day

You will be more likely to complete your tasks if you already have them written down.  You will also be able to start right away instead of wasting valuable time planning.  So make sure you have the next day’s page filled out before you close business for the day.



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