Making The Commitment

“It’s not enough to want it.  You have to be willing to work for it.”  -Mary Christensen

#ichoose roadMaking a commitment will make or break your business.   Make a decision, right now.  Do you want to succeed?  Are you willing to put forth the hard work to make it happen?  Do you have the drive to keep going when the going gets tough?  Are you ready to succeed on purpose?


It’s easy to sit at your computer, punch in some numbers and wait for your “business in a box” to arrive.  It’s even fairly easy to say, “Hey! I started my own business…” and to post on social media.  It’s also easy to sit around staring at your computer screen wondering why no one has purchased from your website, called you with an order, or asked to join your team. Filling your time with useless busy-work is not committing to your business.  Take the time to make it happen.  Waiting will only produce more waiting and wasted valuable time.


Take the time to set a goal and then implement your strategy, or business plan.  Don’t let hope become your plan.  Don’t assume people know you own a business.  Ask yourself if you are ready and prepared to shoot for the stars by putting in the time and effort required.

Commitment Action Steps:

  • Choose to make the decision that failure will not be an option
  • Choose to set an achievable goal that will keep your drive and desire alive
  • Choose to create a strategy (plan) that will lead you to your goal
  • Choose to focus on the end result even when you hit a bump in the road
  • Choose to “show up to work” every day
  • Choose to treat your business like a business and not a hobby
  • Choose to keep a consistent schedule (do not confuse flexibility with voluntary)

Excuses To Avoid:

  • I’ll do it later, tomorrow, etc.
  • I’ll give it my best shot
  • The economy is bad
  • I’m not a phone person
  • I don’t know anyone
  • I’ve tried everything
  • It just doesn’t work

Excuses will only void your commitment.  Make a deal with yourself today.  Sit down in a quiet place and map out your plan.  Repeat if needed, “I am worth it.  I will succeed.”

And then get to work!



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