Michael’s Fundraiser for a Little Princess

You know those moments…

Those moments when your kids send a wave of shocks through your heart.

Well that is exactly what happened yesterday afternoon when we went to buy fireworks.

See, there’s a little girl who lived in our little town.  She was diagnosed with an incurable brain tumor and has since passed on. At the firework stand, there was a bucket for donations for this little  princess and my son wanted to donate his change.  (This was all after seeing how much money he 11709429_10206833935068041_9206792157486581885_ncould get from me to buy a load of fireworks!)  So of course I let him put his dollars and change in the bucket.  After we got in the car he asked me if he could sell Scentsy for her parents.

And thus, Michael’s Princess Olivia Fundraiser was born.

We love to give back to our community.  We have donated many items and gift certificates to various causes in our town.  So naturally when one of my kids, who happens to only know the story of a little Princess, wants to run his very own fundraiser, I let him.

Since her passing, her parents have done amazing things.  They have donated her organs to two little princes in Pittsburg, PA so that they can live on.  To read more about Princess Olivia, visit her Facebook page: Princesses Don’t Wear Pants

To make a purchase from Michael’s Princess Olivia Fundraiser, visit the link below.

Michael plans to hand-deliver his cash to this family who he has never met on or around August 10th, 2015.

Michael’s Princess Olivia Fundraiser



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